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3rd Anniversary Dinner

Its our Anniversary!  I can’t believe we’ve been married three years.  It still feels like just yesterday, we were pulling together the perfect last minute wedding.  I highly recommend this: we kept things simple, saved a ton of money and were poised to concentrate on our future, not obsess about a silly wedding.  I digress.  This year with things being as hectic as they are, my sole desire was for a quiet night at home.  BUT, I didn’t want to spend the night slaving in the kitchen, I wanted to be able to relax too.  Solution: my husband hired a personal chef to come in and make us dinner!  We talked through the menu we wanted, they went shopping the day before and he came over to cook for us around 5 pm.  We lounged around and he served up dinner around 7.  It was so nice to be able to chill and have great food show up, lol!  I highly recommend doing this, it was great to not have to dress up or go to a restaurant and have people all in our grill.  Our chef made the food, served us and peaced out so we could be alone.  Perfection!

Our chefthumb_IMG_9033_1024

Chopped salad


Ribeye, Lobster tail and a light veggie pasta

Strawberry compote, fresh whipped cream over pound cake

This was an awesome alternative to going out for our anniversary, while Dathan cooked, we laid around and watched a movie!  Having quiet alone time with my Mr while someone else worked in the kitchen was the best gift I could have asked for.  Here’s to many more years Dancing with my king 🙂


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