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When muffins go wrong…

Eff these muffins for making me have to clean out my oven…  Woke up late Saturday morning with the thought, I should cook something.  While still half asleep, I look in the fridge, see some apples on the verge of going bad and start searching easy apple recipes.  I come across an apple streuselmuffin recipe.  Noticing that the recipe is primarily in oz, I forge on, making sleepy conversions to cups & tablespoons in my head.  In my haste to get to the eating part of the program, I overfilled the muffin liners.  The recipe didn’t warn me against this, but I know better.  Well, post-coffee Bri knows better and I was cooking pre-coffee.  I put them in the oven, set the timer & walk away.
20 minutes later, I smell something burning & go open the oven: smoke billows out!  Cussing (don’t judge) I look at the muffins and they have exploded all over the oven.  I am pissed.  and coughing.  So I clean up the tray, open the windows, turn on the ceiling fan, fan the smoke detecters & try to salvage them.  FAIL.  They never set up, even after 20 additional minutes, idk why, I probably mistook 4 oz for 1 cup or worse!  I threw them away, fuming!  Even got my boyfriend to agree with me & exclaim: “eff those muffins!”  Ridiculous I know, but it made me feel better, lol!

Lets just say, next time, I’ll make coffee before making breakfast!

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