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86 club breakfast review

86 club breakfast review

So I stumbled upon this place on accident, searching for baked goods one morning.  This place is huge and looks like the type of place where you could chill & Drink coffee all day.  They were super friendly, when I walked in they offered me free pancakes.  They looked and smelled delicious, but I had a one track mind.  Banana nut bread.  It looked heavenly, so I reluctantly turned down the free pancakes (please don’t tell my husband).   Paid for my banana bread and left out.  It was so soft in my hand, it took everything I had not to dig in on my way to the office.  Once I made it back, armed with my coffee, I dug in.  LISTEN.  This bread was made by an actual angel.  It was soft, moist and had huge walnuts inside with a sugar crust on top.  It was perfect with my coffee and absolutely delicious to the last drop.  I wasn’t going to review this place, but I felt like I had to share how amazing this bread was.  I wish I had asked more questions about who made it, because I’d like to thank them for making my morning so awesome!




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