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Asian Buffet Food review

Asian Buffet Food review

I was in Forest Park the other night doing some shopping when I called my parents to ask them if they wanted me to pick something up for them.  They were headed to dinner and invited me to come along.  It had been a minute since I’d been to a buffet, so I was game.  I ordered hot tea and I headed to check out the spread.  It was Friday night so not only did they have crab legs, but lobster too!  NOM!  Their fresh seafood selection was amazing.  I added fresh shrimp and salmon over rice and a few veggies to start out.  Typically I go for all the fried foods, but I couldn’t pass up the seafood.  Even though I had to work for it, it was delicious!  Fresh and tender, well cooked.  Its been years since I’ve felt led to eat crab legs, but these were meaty and worth the work.  After my first plate, I headed back for an egg roll and some soup, but I was stuffed.  Surprisingly great selection and well prepared food.



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