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Bacall’s food review

Bacall’s food review.

Sorry for any confusion, I thought I’d posted this, but my website has been giving me the blues, so I’ve been a bit distracted.  We went to Bacall’s for carry out and figured we would try something different.  I typically order a burger or the ranch fries which are so very good.  I often think about them and even try to make them at home, but they are never the same, so I come right on back to Bacall’s.  I love this restaurant, its one of my favorites in the neighborhood.  Its eclectic and welcoming and has great food for reasonable prices.  Its the type of place that you can go and hang out at for as long as you like and no one will rush you, instead they’ll keep refilling your drink and strike up a convo with you.

This visit, I switched it up and ordered the gyro with broccoli and my husband ordered the cuban.  We shared some potato skins.  The skins were the shining star of this meal.  They had the perfect amount of toppings and there was the right amount of soft hot potato left on the skin.  We were worried that two each wouldn’t be enough, but it was, lol!  Because they have so much potato left, they are very filling.  My broccoli and gyro combo was a bit odd, but I hadn’t eaten enough veggies for the day, so I needed something green.  The gyro was light and had good flavor, but wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy.  I only ate half of it, because I had filled up on skins as my appetizer.  My husband’s cuban was good, I liked the bread and their fries are some of the best.  Fried just right and very crunchy and perfect companion to any sandwich.


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  1. Pat McCarthy says:

    Bacalls restaurant in ccollege hill Cincinnati was our favorite trtrststutsny had gone down hill faster than place I have ever seen. The food quality is awrful overnight. We may stop in for a drink now and than, but we won’t eat there any more.
    We have been going there for over 25 years.

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