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Benihana Bday Dinner

My Mom & my Birthday are 4 days apart and we love to celebrate together by going to Benihana.  This year was no different, my Dad joined us & my Mr stayed home to do homework.  I typically order steak and shrimp, but this year, I decided I was going big: 2 lobster tails!  Best menu decision ever.  They were so succulent & bathed in garlic butter.  Amazing meal and didn’t sit so heavy like previous meals I’ve had.


Happy Bday!


This tea gave life.thumb_IMG_6326_1024

Onion volcanothumb_IMG_6321_1024

Our chef was so deadpan, lol


I have never seen calamari before it was sliced.

thumb_IMG_6333_1024 This Lobster though?!  It was EVERYTHING!!!!  NOM nom nommmmm

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