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Buca di Beppo Food review.

Buca di Beppo Food review.

My brother chose this restaurant for his Birthday dinner.  FB later told us that he picked this restaurant back in 2011, too, lol!  Its obviously a fav of his.  I like the family style serving.  I often like to try several different dishes and this is the perfect set up.  Only problem is getting 4 adults to come to a consensus on what to order!  We finally settled on the Mixed Green Salad, Quattro al Forno,Chicken Carbonara, and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken.  The salad was large and fed all of us, including the children.  It left a lot to be desired though.  The dressing was fresh and delicious, but other than a strong onion flavor, it could have used more ingredients.  My sister did chose this one, though.  So maybe that’s all she wanted.

The Prosciutto stuffed chicken and the chicken carbonara came out together with bread and oil & vinegar to dip in.  I lost the vote for the Chicken Saltimbocca, which I now decided to find a recipe to make at home.  We spent several minutes explaining capers to my Mom to no avail, lololol!  I got a bit tired of debating and gave in.  The Chicken carbonara was by far the star of the show.  It was creamy and flavorful with a nice surprise of flavor with the peas.   The prosciutto to chicken ratio was spot on.  The Stuffed chicken was good, but I can’t say that I tasted much prosciutto.  The sauce it was served with was excellent.  I’m a big fan of creamy pesto sauces.  Although it wasn’t nearly as green as the photo in the menu (they have clearly made it more creamy with a hint of pesto).

The Quattro al Forno was interesting.  It was a ton of food and took the longest to come out.  We had already almost finished the other dishes when it did.  I wasn’t aware of the sausage in the shells and when I ate it, it took me by surprise.  It was a bit spicy, but not in a way that seemed complimentary to the dish.  The rest was of the offerings were very subtle, almost plan in comparison.  Each cheese filling was very similar.  I preferred the consistency of the ravioli over the manicotti, cannelloni, and stuffed shells.  The manicotti was a bit chewy.   I don’t know that I would order that one again.  It seemed like a good sharing dish.

My nephews ordered from the kids menu and the pepperoni pizza one of them got was excellent.  I had never had the pizza here before, but I will certainly add that in next visit.  I must say our server as excellent.  We had three little ones and she had no issue running around for our odd toddler driven requests for warm water or more crackers.  Bless her heart!


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