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Carabello Coffee Review

Carabello Coffee Review

I had a phenomenal experience at Carabello’s analog slow bar! It’s an interactive coffee tasting experience with thoughtfully prepared samplings that were out of this world amazing!  The whole idea is to interact with the process of what is being prepared, discuss the flavors, and learn about where it comes from and how it is prepared and even why.  I love coffee, but I don’t know that I’ve ever asked a ton of questions about how it is prepared or why.  They went as far as to discuss where the beans came from and compared the same beans processed three different ways so that we could taste, smell & experience the differences.  I could tell that they were passionate about coffee, so it made the experience that much better, because their enthusiasm was contagious!

We started with the middle eastern shrub, which acted like a pallet cleanser.  It was a refreshing raspberry drink that was made by hand and garnished with fresh basil.  Next up was an exploration of taste.  Where we tried things and talked about what it made us think of or how it made us feel.  That was interesting because it made you think about why you think of certain things while eating items & how strongly smell & taste are tied to memory.  On to the coffee.  I’ve been avoiding caffeine for days to be able to drink some!  It included a flight of pacamara coffee from Nicaragua processed differently: washed, honey and natural.  Each had subtle differences, and it was interesting to see who preferred each different type and why.  I had never considered that how a bean was processed would change the flavor so much.  My fav by far was the natural.  It was smooth, and flavorful with sweet notes at the end.

Next up was the cold fashioned.  They were very accommodating & created it with decaf for me.  It was a play on an old fashioned mixed drink, replacing the alcohol with cold pressed coffee.  So not only did I get to drink coffee, I got to pretend I was drinking a mixed drink.  They seriously could not have treated a pregnant lady better, lol!  I wanted to know why I had such an aversion to decaf coffee and they explained that decaf has to have the caffeine stripped out.  Most that you buy from the store uses a chemical, which is probably what I don’t like.  The decaf they used was stripped with water, and didn’t have that bitter taste that I find so appalling!

For desert, we had an Affogato, or espresso over vanilla gelato.   They did mine out of decaf, which was good, because I devoured it.  It was hot, creamy and delicious and I kept thinking why hadn’t I thought of this?!  I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect finish to the tasting.  If I had to choose, the cold fashioned was my favorite, but this came in a close second.  I really enjoyed not only the tasting, but the entire experience.  It will be changing from time to time, so when you go, it will be different.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, it was truly an amazing experience and I highly recommend any and all coffee lovers check it out!



Allan & Marilyn’s son Austin was our tour guide.  He was a phenomenal host


the cold fashioned


Affogato: the most amazing desert coffee ever.


Their roaster, peep the sign 🙂


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