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Christmas Season Fun

Another great Christmas has come and gone and the most amazing gift I received was the gift of REST!  I spent last week resting and soaking up as much time alone with my Husband as possible.  It was amazing!  Here’s to playing hard and resting hard and spending time with awesome people.


Will hates the camera, lol! thumb_IMG_4249_1024

Mom finally got a new TV, lol!thumb_IMG_4216_1024


thumb_IMG_4246_1024Big Brother

My other Brother passes outthumb_IMG_4244_1024

Nicke & Ritchiethumb_IMG_4243_1024

Bad news bears

Yes Lord!!!  A new keurig!  thumb_IMG_4423_1024

Our gift to each other for a healthier year!!!

Some of our PreChristmas activities!  Love checking out awaited with my family.


We had an awesome cookie making party!

As well as a great office party! thumb_IMG_4059_1024 thumb_IMG_4058_1024



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