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Cilantro Food review.

Cilantro Food review.


Wanted to try out this place.  It is in the midst of a ton of construction right now, but I called my order in, so I had to fight through it.  I ordered the chicken bun.  I loved this dish, and wanted to see how they approached it.  It was a bit odd how it was presented to go.  A bag of veggies and all the hot items in the bowl.

I was floored by how many onions were on top. I kindly slid them aside.  I’m not trying to eat that many onions at lunch and end up with dragon breath.  I got a plate and poured everything out.  I loved how they put all the hot pepper on the side.  Thanks for not assuming and I added just a touch of spice on my on.  The flavor was great and because the chicken had sat on top on my way back to the office, the noodles were nice and warm.  The dish had great flavor and was light and surprisingly a good size portion.  How they package it is deceiving. lol!   Once they stop tearing the streets up, I’ll be back.

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