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Envision Dinner Theater Review

Envision Dinner Theater Review

My Husband is a big movie buff and he adores Marvel Movies, so we had to see X-Men the moment it came out.  My Brother suggested the new theater in Blue Ash that serves food and we were all about that.  He described it as plush and that is what it is!  Huge comfy seats that almost lay all the way back.  I could see parents coming there just to sneak a nap in while the kids watched a movie, lol!  I found myself drifting off a bit during the slower parts of the movie.  There was the cutest little tray that swung back and forth in front of the seat.  I ordered a burger & will the turkey club and both were massive and surprisingly delicious.  The bread for the burger was so buttery and the meat was cooked very well and was great quality.  They both came with waffle fries that were really good.  The burger was pretty massive, I was only able to eat half, or i would have really went to sleep!  Will finished his sandwich and had the other half of my burger, but he could probably eat a whole cow if I let him.  Overall the movie was about $25 for the two of us and our bill came to $33.  Both meals were about $10, but the drinks were $4.00 each, and there was tax on them.  I had bottled water, he had a huge Dr Pepper.  I did find it weird to see so many people moving around the movie theater.  The servers came whenever someone pushed the call button, then in the last 20 minutes to deliver the bills and totally distracted me.  I also wished the center arm rest could move out the way so that I could get my snuggle on, but they were stationary.

We will definitely go back, being able to watch a movie and enjoy a real meal was a really great treat.  After the movie, we sat around and chopped it up on the terrace by the lake and they served us popcorn and drinks while we chilled.  A great place to kick back and relax with friends.

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