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Freddy’s Food review

Freddy’s Food review

This restaurant hasn’t been open long, but the line is always very long, so much that cars back up into the street.  My Mom & I decided to give it a try, but we went inside.  It was hopping!  I ordered a steak burger w/ fried pickles (a new addition to the menu) while my Mom ordered the chicken finger meal.  I also ordered a cookie concrete instead of a drink w/ my meal.  I wanted to see what the custard was all about.  There was a lot going on in there.  There’s two places to pick up food: At the register for the custard, then over to the side for meals, then a drink and condiment station.  So you’re holding a drink, condiments, and your custard, but still need to get a tray of food.  They have bussers, my one suggestion would be to give people a number, then deliver all the food to the tables.  With so many people going back and forth, it was madness.

Either way we finally figured out where to get what and grabbed a seat.  My burger was pretty good, but they flattened it out like a pancake to the point were the edges were a lil too crispy.  The inside was good and seasoned well.  The fried pickles were interesting.  Flavorful, but the batter was a tab bit salty.   My Mom got the chicken fingers & they came with shoe string fries.  Pretty standard stuff.  The Concrete is what they call the custard since you can turn it upside down w/o it dripping.  This was by far the best part of the meal.  It was creamy and delicious w/ oreos crushed inside.  The custard tastes a lot like a creamy vanilla soft serve which I did not expect.  I expected something custardy, but it was good and I enjoyed it.

My overall take is that this food is a lot like steak and shake.  Its okay, but not worth sitting in the drive through for 35-45 minutes.  Next time, I’ll skip the food and go for the custard, its def the star of the show.  Oh and do yourself a favor: get out the freaken car and go inside!


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