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Grand Finale Food review.

Grand Finale food review.

My Brother is the king of brunch, so he selected this place for his birthday brunch.  I had never been here before and I really enjoyed how picturesque the surrounding neighborhood is!  We all ordered the breakfast buffet, which I was leery about, but felt lead to try.  It was an interesting mix.  I do enjoy trying a little bit of a lot of different foods, so this was up my alley.  I enjoyed the baked apples and the quiche.  I was not a fan of most of the other hot savory items, mostly because I like my breakfast hot and its hard to keep things hot in a buffet.  The saving grace of the buffet was the desserts.  Each one was fun to eat, and small enough that you could try them all.  Which we did.  The shining star was the creme brûlée by a mile.

We ordered the pancakes and a Belgium waffle also, I figured my husband and I could share them both.  I was not a fan of how crunchy the waffle was, almost like they had cooked it earlier and put it in the oven till someone needed it and he didn’t like how grainy the whole grain waffle was.

Ultimately, this place is a nice idea and the atmosphere is nice, but we spent over $40 on a subpar meal.  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I hate for it not to be well executed.  Especially when its not cheap!



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