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Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe

I’ve been on a green smoothie break.  Love drinking them for breakfast, getting a boost of fruits and veggies to start my day, but they are hard to drink when its cold!  Now that its Spring (and my husband is waking up before me and won’t have to hear the mixer) I’m committed to getting back on my regimen.  Armed with my trusty smoothie freezer packs: today’s consisted of half a banana, arugula, strawberry and half an orange.  I forgo’d the frozen greek yogurt for half a container of new greek yogurt.  I’ve found that the frozen greek yogurt doesn’t blend as quick or as well as I’d like.

Today’s Green Smoothie was Greek yogurt, Arugula, banana, strawberry and mango.  It was pretty good & I waited until after I’d had my coffee to drink it which helped.


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