Happy Mother’s Day!

A Special Happy Mother’s Day to the village of gorgeous women who are helping me to raise my Jellies! They show up time and again to hold babies, feed us, get me out the house and have saved me from going over the edge more times than I’ll admit ūüėā we’re thankful for their Grandmas: my Ma, Will’s Mom & Aunt¬†Ruth, their Fairy Godmother and a slew of Aunties: Nicke, Rone, Amorah, Tabitha, Kelly, Jovian, and Brittany¬†to name a few. Your love & support helps me to be a better Momma! we love you ūüėė

We had an amazing Mother’s Day Weekend. ¬†Starting with the girls spending their 1st night away from home. ¬†It was tough like I expected, but I did survive. ¬†I really appreciate my Mom doing that for me, no matter how reluctant I was to let them go. ¬†I’m really protective of my jellies, but I needed a good nights sleep in order to be a good parent. ¬†I’m still breastfeeding, and Lanna has regressed back to two feedings a night, so things have been ROUGH lately. ¬†So I relented, it was only 12 hours, but you’d have thought it was a lifetime. ¬†I spend so much time with girls and I’m never home without them. ¬†Our house was so quiet and empty feeling. ¬†I did get some rest and would’ve slept in, but I had to get up and pump :-/

Next up was a trip to the zoo with my CityLink Family. ¬†We didn’t stay long, the girls weren’t impressed and once they got hot it was time to go. ¬†They are like me that way, I cannot get too hot!

Sunday I snuck out to go shopping and have some quiet time. ¬†It was nice. ¬†People would try to talk to me and I’m like: no thank you. ¬†This is all I get all week, lol! ¬†Later my brother & Sister hosted dinner for Mother’s day. ¬†I really appreciated not having to cook anything. ¬†Food was great and I love seeing my nephews interact with the girls. ¬†RAH was singing to one and Daniel loves to hold the other’s hand. ¬†Its so sweet. ¬†Vicki hasn’t quite come around just yet, but we’re working on her. ¬†I know they’ll all be bffs soon. ¬†All and all a great weekend! ¬†I feel really blessed for the outpouring of love on my first Mother’s Day.


My babies are starting to look more & more alike

We spent Saturday at the Zoo with my CityLink family, I’m so grateful my Husband came with. ¬†He lifted the stroller up 4 flights of stairs!! ¬†Crazy, lol

Flowers from my Bro & Sis

Ice cream cake, yum!

Ma loving on Julz

My Girls & I

My Dad & the Jellies

3 generations!

My sis and her babies

My husband hides from the camera, lol

My Mom & all her grands!  She is an extraordinary Mom & Grandma

My Lanna boo

Mom & the hereford Halls

The beautiful Mom’s who I look up to & me!

My family ūüôā

Julzie woozie

My Mom & my girls

Mom got me the prettiest teacup flowers!

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