K&J Seafood Food Review

My husband found this seafood spot in Clifton. They have a New Orleans style and that’s my favorite! I’m all about seafood, so one day we were outside playing and he suggested this, and we were on the way!

I ordered the ocean fries and a shrimp po boy. He ordered the buckeye basket. Everything was amazing! The seafood was fresh and delicious and everything was cooked to order! I couldn’t quite figure out what the sauce on the Ocean fries was made of. It was a cheese sauce, but I couldn’t quite figure out the cheeses used. Eitherway, it was delicious!

The shrimp on the po boy was amazing! Fried perfectly. Since I had eaten my fries on the way home, I barely had room for the sandwich. Of course I ate all the shrimp out of it, because I didn’t want to save it, lol! Over all this was an amazing meal, and they give you a ton of food. Come hungry and ready to go HAM!

S/O to Will’s friend who paid for our food too. My husband had eaten at K&J’s a couple of days before and his friend had to check them out. He was there when we go there and paid for our food. That’s an amazing Friend! Love!

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