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Margaritaville Food review.

Margaritaville Food review.

My Mr finished up his hardest semester in school and all of them headed to Margaritaville to Celebrate.  I was just leaving work as they were headed there and so he invited me.  I didn’t feel like cooking for just myself, so I jumped at the chance.  I worked on the design and construction of this restaurant, so I love going to see how it is holding up.  Its by far one of the craziest spaces I’ve ever been a part of.  Palm trees everywhere,  a freaking plane hanging from the ceiling and an very loose interpretation of the great lakes on the ceiling.

I digress.  I’ve eaten here before and I typically get seafood, but today I felt like a burger.  To my surprise, they had several huge burgers on the menu and I ordered the bacon cheese burger and it was amazing!  Cooked well and seasoned just right and large enough for my Husband to be satisfied after forgetting to eat all day.  They were a bit skep on the fries.  But I will forgive them, since the burger was so good.  We started out with margaritas all around, except me.  I wasn’t feeling like any tequila, so I got a TRANQUIL WATERS: Cruzan® Mango Rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice and mango.  It was everything!!!  Reminded me of a drink we used to make at my sorority parties in college called swamp water!   Overall, we had a great time, so much so that I didn’t take any pictures!  I feel bad b/c I have a zillion photos of this space that I took from the time it was being designed until it opened.  If I remember, I’ll dig up some photos and add them later.

Either way, I am so very proud of my husband for sticking it out and finishing strong!!!

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