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McDonald’s Giveaway Winners!

The delicious combo of Donut Sticks and McCafé coffee is here to sweeten your morning! McCafé Donut sticks are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for a crunchy outside and soft, doughy inside and served warm to customers.

Available exclusively during restaurant breakfast hours, Donut Sticks can be purchased by the half-dozen or by the dozen. Since they’re the perfect pairing with our premium roast McCafé coffee, customers can also bundle a half-dozen Donut Sticks and a small McCafé brewed coffee for a special price at participating restaurants.

We want 3 readers to try it on us!

This giveaway is now closed!

Here’s how to enter: 

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Congratulations to our winners:

There’s Moeggenberg

Tiffaney Bell

Ja’Nee Marie!!!

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  1. There's Moeggenberg says:

    I want to win! I would so share with my son!

    1. I saw their sign for these the other day. I want to win some.

  2. Norma W says:

    Would love to try with my kids !

  3. Tiffaney Bell says:

    I want to win

  4. Susan Whittle says:

    I want to win!!

  5. D.B. Moeggenberg says:

    I want to win!

  6. Ja'Nee Marie says:

    Eye want two whan😁 (I want to win)

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