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My Granny’s 86th Birthday!

My Granny’s 86th Birthday!

Even though I just came back from the DR, I turned around and went to Charleston, WV this weekend to celebrate my Granny’s 86th birthday.  Its a huge blessing to turn 86 and an even greater blessing for us to Honor the Queen of our family.  We went down Saturday for a party at her fav restaurant, which was filled with silliness, fellowship and tons of laughter at my husband’s expense.  We spent Sat night on a typical WV mountain “turn up” aka a walmart run and then sitting around my Granny’s kitchen table chewing the fat.  The next day at Church, My Granny’s prayer had us all looking for tissues and it made me so proud to be a part of a family that is covered by such an awesome woman of God!

Theme of the weekend #wontHedoit

thumb_IMG_5530_1024Very Cool Baby


The family thumb_IMG_5535_1024

 Uncle Ron laughing at Will’s photo, lol


Loved the cup cakes, but does that say 98?!


Aunt Carrie & Picki

My Ma’s twin, Aunt Vonda’s beautiful smile!

Smiling Awkwardly thumb_IMG_5565_1024

Granny Blew out all those candles


After Church Sundaythumb_IMG_5596_1024

Nelz & I #twinning


Granny Blows out more candlesthumb_IMG_5597_1024

The boys chatthumb_IMG_5621_1024

Picki walks on a tablethumb_IMG_5611_1024

My Mom & her Beautiful Sisters!

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