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Noodles & Company Soft Opening

Noodles & Company Soft Opening

Met up with my family for lunch at the newest Cincinnati Location of Noodles & Company.  They were having a soft opening and my new friend Tom was smiling from ear to ear, with his arms stretched wide at the door.  Hugs are now how I want to be received at every restaurant I go to, lol!

The place was bustling, but we were able to grab a table while others waited in line.  There was a young lady waiting to talk people through the menu (which is always helpful before you got to the counter).   We ordered our food and took a number to our seat.   The staff was courteous and helpful and even brought around samples for us to try.  My favorite by far were the Gochujang meatballs.  They are Korean meatballs and I have got to figure out how to recreate that sauce.  It was delicious!!!  It would be perfect on just about any protein.

I ordered the shrimp pad thai, they informed me that they had recently changed the recipe, so I had to give it another shot!  Tom brought over some of their braised pork to mix in and it was spot on!  The perfect addition to the pad thai.  As an aside, I have got to get my hands on one of these huge bowls.  They are beautiful!


My husband ordered the  Alfredo MontAmore w/ parmesan chicken.  That is still my fav meal on the menu.  It is very consistent, creamy and delicious.  My Mom also order this while my nephews split a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.  My nephew even ate his with chopsticks.  The boy is a natural foodie!


Thanks to all the readers that came out to enjoy a meal with us at this new location, Tom was very happy and the soft opening was a huge success!

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