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O Pie O food review

O Pie O food review.

Headed to O Pie O after a few people had recommended I check it out.  I’m in Walnut Hill’s, so I headed over for a late lunch.  I love the building and there’s plenty of parking around. I don’t know what used to be in this building, but I love how they laid out the space.  Its very inviting.  Turns out the first person I encountered was this awesome quirky woman I went to high school with, an added bonus to my time there.  I ordered the beef empanada with chili, I was in need of meat (my iron must be low, lol).  Surprisingly, the next customer to sit at the counter ordered the same thing.  There were a few people in there and they seemed to handle everyone with the same laid back, let me make your day better attitude that I think should be a prerequisite to any restaurant.

I was warned the empanadas take longer to cook, but I was chatting it up with my order twin and my old friend, so my food came out before I knew it.  I kinda felt sad to leave because we’d gotten such a good rapport going, lol!  I did need to get back to work, so I waved good bye to my friends.

Got back to my office and really appreciated how elegant their to-go offerings were packaged.  The stamped bag was ultra classy and everything was boxed with love.   I enjoyed the chili, it was hardy and spicy and a nice compliment to a dreary afternoon.  The Empanada was by far the star of the meal.  Fried crisp and flaky flavorful dough.  The roast was wonderfully cooked, and the tomatoes paired with capers did a really fun and flavorful play on each other.  Paired with pickled veggies that were subtle with a nice crunch.  It was served with mole, tomatillo crème fraîche, and spicy chimichurri.  Can we talk about these?!  They were such a surprising mix & so different and complimentary, and just tasted amazing.  I literally dipped in each and mixed them and tasted and tasted until I had no empanada left.   Then I got a little sad, lololol.  This was a stand up lunch for only $7!  I will definitely be back.  Especially because I didn’t actually order any pie.  I got to talking and forgot.  I can’t lie though, I really, really, really want another empanada!


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