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Pho Lang Thang food review.

Pho Lang Thang food review.

I ordered the BÚN (Noodle salad) Gà Nướng (grilled chicken) rice noodles, dồ chua, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber. mỡ hành, cilantro, mint, thai basil, crushed peanuts, nước mắm pha.  This sauce was EVERYTHING!  The chicken was grilled so well, and was flavorful with a nice crisp to it.  I was apprehensive to room temperature noodles mixed w/ cold veggies and hot chicken, but it worked together surprisingly well.  I took it to go, so by the time I got to my office, it had all melded to a nice common temperature.  It was a very unique dish, and I really enjoyed it.  I can’t believe its taken me so long to try this restaurant!  


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