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School Lunches

So I have always been curious about what is served at my kid’s school. I asked the teacher and they say that they eat the lunches most days. Well now that we are teaching from home, they offer a weeks worth of lunch and breakfast and I was curious to see if my kids would eat this food. They have become pretty picky eaters lately, so I’ve been willing to try anything.

I was pleasantly surprised at the food selection. I expected sandwiches and chips. Turns out there is plenty of variety, fruits and veggies mixed in with some school lunch classics that I remember. I can’t believe their pizza isn’t in a square like ours was, but the have a pretty great selection. See below.

Veggies, milk, fruit and some snack type foods.
They actually serve the kids beans….who selected that?!?!
This is what I remember. Pizza, corn and fries. I through in the fries, surprisingly, they have yet to give us fries.
My girls enjoyed them!

My niece also enjoyed the lunch!

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