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Shanghai Mama’s food review

Shanghai Mama’s food review.

I was in desperate need of some comfort food yesterday.  I took a walk down to 6th street in search of lunch at Shanghai Mama’s.  When I lived downtown, I used to come here all the time and I loved how they’re open on the late night.  This is one of those places where at the right time, say 3 am on a Friday, you can see the best of Cincinnati all crammed into a small restaurant, coexisting.  Most importantly, it is a place that offers up a huge bowl of goodness.

When I arrived, the lunch rush was over which suited me fine.  I sat at the bar, and although I was really tempted to get a glass of wine, I resisted. Come to think of it, the lady never offered me anything to drink.  LOL!  I was so stressed I didn’t even think about it.  I ordered the cashew chicken lunch special and added extra vegetables (so I could assuage the guilt of not eating a salad for lunch).  It came to $7.40, and I really enjoyed having carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, bean sprouts & baby corn alongside the usual Chinese cabbage.  It came out maybe 5 minutes after I ordered and was literally piping hot.  But I’m a pro, so I know to move the food around to allow the heat out.  Man oh man, it was so amazing!  I literally can’t even express how amazing it made me feel.  It’s really crazy how good food can improve your mood.  The folks must have sensed my distress when I came in b/c they pretty much left me alone for the 40 minutes I was there and having that quiet time was very therapeutic.  I left a better version of myself and prepared to tackle the rest of my day!
The lowdown:  the service was pretty bad, so I’d give it a D.  It’s never been that way, and I was a bit surprised.  Then again, I wouldn’t have cared if someone tripped me on the way in, I simply wanted my face in a bowl of hot delicious food in .2 seconds: and I got it.  The food was an A+ for being exactly what I needed.  Despite the service, this still remains one of my favorite restaurants in the Nati.


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