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Smashburger Food review.

Smashburger Food Review.

My husband “cooked” today, AKA he brought food home so I didn’t have to cook.  It was from smashburger, which I’ve heard good things about, but never tried.  The closest one is in Blue Ash, and I don’t get out there much.  After looking up the menu on their website, I ordered the Avocado burger with veggie frites.  Turns out this burger has got bacon & avocado and it is the most awesomely simple and delicious combo!  In theory, the avocado is a swap for cheese and bonus: its a healthy fat (why didn’t I think of this swap???).  The burger was pretty standard, but the bread was a nice change.  The frites are flash fried vegetables and again I’m all like where have you been all my life.  This was an awesome meal and while I did eat it in bed like a total slumpadinka (Oprah’s word, not mine) it was not super heavy.  Great guiltless burger meal.  I approve.

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