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Sophia’s Food review.

Sophia’s Food review.

In honor of my last lunch downtown for a while, I showed some love to my very favorite lunch spot, Sophia’s.  Its a shotgun building run by an awesomely friendly family that speaks whenever you enter & remembers what you order (specially if you always order the same thing like I do).  Their chicken breast sandwich is probably my favorite in the city.  Its so simple, but its the standard I hold most other sandwiches I order to.

For starters, its a real piece of chicken (ludicrous that I could even have to point that out, but folks are really out here selling pressed chicken sandwiches for $10, not cool).  Its always fresh & hot and you can normally watch the super hot Cook grill it while you wait.  Topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickles, perfection.  I’m not really sure what makes is so good, probably that its made with love, which is an irreplaceable ingredient.

I eat at this place no less than every other week, can’t pass up a $6 delicious sandwich, so now that I’m moving to an office in Clifton, I’m a little sad to not be 2 blocks away from Sophia’s.  I’ll be sure to drop in and say hi periodically.  I won’t be able to stay away 🙂

The verdict: A+ service, they have actually stayed open for me, since I tend to show up for lunch around 2 which is when they close and an A+ for their simply good food!

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