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Steak Nina Food review.

Steak Nina Food review.

My family and I went to Steak Nina for dinner and their first question was how did we find them, because no one usually comes in unless someone else tells them about it?  They were right, my Sis & Bro had been their for dinner and told us how great it was, lol!  So I would like to tell you about this place, so you can go.  This is one of College Hill/Mount Healthy’s best kept secrets.  A laid back inexpensive non-chain restaurant were the service is friendly and sweet and the food is on point and simple in its deliciousness.  We came in an hour before they closed a party of 8 and they served us like royalty.  I honestly couldn’t ask for more.

We started with salads, which my Sister highly recommended.  They come with bacon, eggs, fresh lettuce and veggies and were the perfect start to our meal.  I’m not a huge fan of salads, but this one actually impressed me.  Next up, were Nina’s rags: french fries covered in cheese, bacon, onions and ranch.  Seriously, this was the tastiest rags I’ve ever had!  Great to share and between the salads & this we were doing really good so far!

Half of us order the specials.  You can’t beat $10.99 for steak dinner w/ two sides.  Their normal prices are super high, but I was skeptical of the quality at that price.  No reason to be.  My steak was a good size and I under ordered how it was to be cooked.  This is a restaurant insider tip from years of serving: if your ordering with a large party, say 8 or more, order your steak a temperature less than what you want.  So I like medium well, but I ordered it medium.  Most restaurants will hold all the food to go out at the same time and the longer your steak sits under the heat lamp, the more done it’ll get.  So by the time I actually get it, it will be cooked perfectly.  Just as I suspected, it came out perfect.   I ordered the sirloin and a sweet potato and it was as big as my head, lol.  It came with a delightful sugar butter that I want to figure out how to make, because it was a perfect companion to the sweet potato.  For being so huge, it was still light, fluffy and cooked through (which can be hard to do).  My steak had amazing flavor, was cooked well and seasoned perfectly.  You just don’t expect to get such a great meal for so little.

My sister had the pork chop and she liked it, my brother and Dad also got steaks and enjoyed them.  My Mom however ordered the garlic wings.  They turned out a bit spicier than she was ready for.  We both are total spice wimps.  Our server was sweet about it, and the cook even came out and offered for her to taste the sauces.  Because they make it from scratch it is subject to the cook’s interpretation.  I appreciate that, but if the cook likes spice, us spice wimps are in trouble, lol!  Either way the ladies offered to make Mom another batch with a different sauce and I think that really shows another way that this place is definitely a cut above the rest.   They aimed to please. Great job ladies!

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Dedicating this one to my Daddy.  Safe travels 🙂

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