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Swad Indian Food review.

Swad Indian Food review.

I have eaten at swad before, but forgot to photograph it.  I was home with the girls, and didn’t feel like loading them into the car.  When I googled free delivery, Swad came up.  They deliver for free within a 5 mile radius with a $25 minimum purchase.  Sweet!  I love chicken tikka masala, and decided to try chicken curry as well.  Thrown in garlic naan and I had racked up $25.

The delivery came fast and everything was hot.  Way too hot!  Not just hot in temperature, but spicy hot!  I asked for a 1 spice level, I should have said no spice!  Last time I had it, my friend ordered for us.  Both chicken dishes were so spicy, my nose was running and my sinuses were cleared out in no time, lol!  Their naan is delicious and the rice and naan were so welcome to break up the heat.  They included a free gulab jamun with my meal and I needed the creamy pudding to cool my mouth off!

Great food, free delivery, but next time, I’m getting NO Spice!!!


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