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We were expecting.  We had just started trying in February and had anticipated it taking over a year to see any double lines.  Um, no.  This was happening.  I was barely 5 weeks pregnant when I got so emotional over not nothing and called my husband freaking out.  So much so that he asked, “are you pregnant?!”  Which prompted me buying all the tests, lololol, and every single one came up immediately.  When we found out, the baby app said the baby was the size of a jellybean.  Hence, I began to call the baby my jellybean.  At Will’s graduation party, he announced it to our families.  He couldn’t wait.  I kind of felt relieved since I didn’t have to go around and tell them all individually.  They were all ecstatic, we’d been married almost 3 years at that point and had been dodging the “when are you guys having a baby” question *insert eye roll* at pretty much every family or social function.

I had prayed for twins at the prayer experience months before and now I was pregnant.   So many thoughts ran through my mind: was I having twins, was I really even pregnant *the denial was real ya’ll*, and what were we going to do in general?  My husband was finishing his degree, but he still had clinicals left and our money was so funny, honey!  At 10 weeks we went in for our first Sonogram and bam, two bubbles.  We were having twins!!!!  My Mom screamed, I started crying uncontrollably, and my poor husband had no idea what was going on.  I will never forget that day, it was epic!   This meant going around and telling our family that good news and believe me the responses varied.  Some were super excited, and not surprised at all.  My Mom is a twin, so I always knew there was a strong probability.  My Granny had a dream in January that I was pregnant with Twins, at the time I totally blew it off, like Granny we aren’t pregnant, but obviously she called it.  Yet there were some people who had strong reservations.  This is part of the reason I waited so long to announce it to the world.  In the midst of our joy and excitement in sharing that we are expecting twins, the very last thing I want to hear is a negative response or for someone to make it the news about them.  Its rude and quite unnecessary, but I digress.

Overall, my pregnancy has been a bit of a blur.  I take it one day at a time: Two babies means they need more food, more emotions and a whole lot of fatigue.  I had no desire to eat in the first trimester and quickly lost about 15 lbs.  The Dr’s weren’t alarmed, and told me to eat what I could.  My twins pretty much snatch up everything I eat, so gaining weight has been an issue.  I never saw that coming.  One of my reservations about getting pregnant was packing on extra pounds, but my jellybeans have really done me a solid there.  I’m all belly and I’m totally okay with that.  My maternity clothes are all a size smaller then my regular size, go figure.  The babies are growing so fast.  At their previous ultrasound they were only 9 & 10 oz, respectively.  One month later they were 1 lb 8 oz & 1 lb 10 oz!  That blows my mind. The whole process is really miraculous!

We have just reached the 6 month milestone and its starting to get more and more real that I need to prepare for the arrival of my jellybeans.  My twins are fraternal and although my due date was originally slated for January 2, twins typically run out of room around 36 weeks.  My Mom never carried any of my siblings and I past 34 weeks, so I’m on high alert that they could come even sooner.   My prayer is that they come after 34 weeks, but this could still land them in the NICU.  Its in Gods hands, I can’t worry about any of that.  One huge thing this pregnancy has shown me is that I have no control over anything, thus I should just relax and go with the flow.  I have never prayed more, or had more real talk convos with God then I have from the moment I found out I was expecting.  For that I’m really grateful.  Even my Dr’s told me, I wouldn’t bother too much with a birth plan, Twins are unpredictable and you have to be flexible.  All I could do was laugh and think, I’m listening God!








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  1. Awesome writing. You spoke well your jelly beans will be proud to call you mom

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