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Will Passed his Boards Celebration & Boi Na Braza Food Review

Will Passed his Boards Celebration & Boi Na Braza Food Review

When I asked my husband where he wanted to go to celebrate passing his boards, he chose Boi Na Braza.  We’ve been talking about heading there for a couple years, but had never made it.  This seemed like a great reason to check them out.  We invited our families and this was a really great place for a celebration with a group.  Its totally an experience restaurant.  If you’ve never been, chose a celebration, invite your friends and go hungry.

They put us at a huge table shaped like an O, which I thought was an interesting choice, but it was nice to be able to face everyone.  There were about 18, or 19 of us and they were really accommodating.  We started out with the appetizers, french fries, fried bananas & fried cornmeal & rolls.  They all had a twist on them.  The fries were really tasty, I thought they brought them out for the kids, lol.  My cousin dipped the rolls in sugar and they were amazing.  Who knows what made her think to do that, but I’m glad she did!

Next up was the salad bar.  The majority of it was cold selections.  There was a huge selection of salads, anti pasta and cheese.  I can’t eat cold meats or soft cheese b/c of the babies, so I was sad to pass up these offerings.  I did get some of the hard cheeses, and mozzarella and it was delicious.  My niece kept stealing cheese off my plate, so its safe to say she enjoyed them too, lol.  I was able to enjoy the hot offerings, which included broccoli in a white sauce, black beans & rice, pasta, and some to die for mashed potatoes.  That was a great move, because the meats paired really well with the potatoes.

The meat selection was extensive: top sirloin, rump roast with garlic, leg of lamb, pork loin, bottom sirloin, filet mignon, chicken leg & Chicken wrapped in bacon, beef & pork ribs & my fav ribeye.  Men in traditional Brazilian dress walk around with meat on a skewer and offer it to you.

Once they started coming they kept coming.  It was hard to keep up, so for the first 30 minutes I said yes to everything, and took small bites.  After while they started to repeat, with different levels of doneness (medium, med well, rare, etc).

They brought out the Chocolate Mousse Cake for my husband with a candle in it and the words congrats written on the plate.  It was a great touch and I really appreciated them capping off our celebration that way.  We bursted out in a round of “for he’s a jolly good fellow” which he hated, but we loved, lol!  Then there were several toasts to his perseverance & achievements.

Will loved the mousse cake, I tasted a little bit of my aunt’s, it was rich, but really good. Will’s Mom ordered the flan, but she didn’t love the texture, I tasted it and thought it was amazing.  Light and flavorful.  My Mom & I split the Key lime pie, it was light and crisp, the perfect end to such a heavy meal.  I also took a piece of the caramel turtle cheesecake home.  I couldn’t resist, but I was so stuffed, I wasn’t able to eat it until the next day.  It was very dense, but creamy and packed with flavor.  The nuts really set it off.

Overall, it was a great experience, and the staff took great care of us.  We thought that for the base cost of $48, you got the meats, apps, soft drinks, dessert & salad bar.  My husband got 3 or 4 cokes and each one was run up separately at $3.50.  That’s the odd part of having an advertised price vs a menu.   We were prepared to spend a lot of money that night, but even still the bills did make our eyes bulge a bit, lol!  S/O to my aunt and uncle who had given us a $200 gift certificate, we are so grateful!  For the two of us our bill came to around $150 and because we were part of a huge party, they added 15% gratuity.  We gave our waiter a little extra because they’d really done a phenomenal job.


The appetizers: fries, fried bananas & Fried cornmeal.


from the salad bar.  My fav was the mashed potatoes (which I ate too fast to photograph) it paired well with the meat selections.


Some of the meats, chicken, ribeye, beef, filet mignon.  They give you chunks, so they don’t photograph well, lol


The flan was delicious, but it is an acquired tasted, lololol


Toast to the Man of the Hour (SN: are my Mom & I twinning or what?!)


Loved when they brought this out for Will!


So proud of my Husband!  He was surprised and probably slightly embarrassed that we broke out into song, lol

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