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Mexican Salad in a Jar

My first attempt at salad in a jar was successful! I roasted chicken last night w/ a little chili powder & cumin. Then layered in my ingredients:
Black beans
Spring lettuce & spinach mix
I had sour cream & salsa in separate containers. The mason jar I used was huge, so it was a ton of food. I brought tortilla chips but had no room to eat them. The meal was also crazy filling and I didn’t finish all the corn & beans at the bottom! I’m still stuffed hours after lunch. I should note that I poured out the salad onto my plate, then heated up the chicken, beans & corn in a separate bowl (I have a cold chicken complex). I liked having something warm to slightly wilt the greens.

These jars were only $1.50 from dollar general & I bought 4. I may just be able to start packing greenery for lunch without dreading eating cold salad!

Total cost for supplies for 4 salads: $9.88 😳😃

When I poured it on a plate

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