Zyliss Cookware Review

Zyliss Cookware Review

I am in love with this Sauté Pan w/ Glass Lid.  It’s as if a nonstick pan and a cast iron skillet had a beautiful classy baby, lol!  They are the only pans to implement Swiss technology to make the ultimate non-stick surface that doesn’t require any oil or butter. The coating is so good it comes with a 10-year non-stick guarantee. That’s legit!  It’s easy to clean and cooks very evenly.  It’s my new go to pan.

If you’re Interested in finding out just how amazing this pan is, I want to share an offer with you: 10% off on all Zyliss Cook products. The Zyliss Cook promotional code can be used at check out. The promotional code is: cook2017.  See for yourself!

It has such an interesting texture

Nice and deep with a lid

I have been cooking everything in it: zoodles

Ground beef

Spaghetti sauce

Pork carnitas

I haven’t found anything this pan doesn’t cook well!  By far one of the best nonstick pans I’ve ever used.  If anyone needs help or has any questions concerning Zyliss Produces, please contact them at customercare@dkbrands.us.  They look forward to seeing how they can help.

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