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chicken & shrimp fried rice recipe


Dinner: chicken & shrimp fried rice!
My bf orders shrimp fried rice every time we order Chinese food, and I always wondered if I could make it. So I looked up a few recipes, took ingredients I already had & made a batch.



1 lb chicken raw tenders, cubed

day old cooked white rice

vegetable oil

soy sauce

slice carrots

frozen peas

2 tablespoons minced garlic

2 eggs

1/2 pound raw, deviened Shrimp


I started with a hot wok w/ veg oil and chicken tenders, then drizzled generously w/ soy sauce & cooked about 5-6 min.

Then added sliced carrots & frozen peas and cooked another 4 min.

Next I added the cold rice, 2 tablespoons garlic and drizzled generously w/ more soy sc.

Lastly I added in 2 eggs. It didn’t scramble, just coated everything :-/ I scrambled 2 more eggs separately & added them in, no worries!
My bro & sis were over, so I cooked the shrimp separately. Once I spooned her out some, I dumped the cooked shrimp into the entire mixture & topped w/ fresh cracked pepper.
Hands down, it’s amazing! What’s even better, there’s tons of it for leftovers!


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