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Custom Meal Plans!

Do you Need a little help eating better in the new year? We all do! Starting In January, We will begin offering custom weekly meal plans!!!

We will send you a menu of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with options to add snacks and a grocery list for the week, customized to your taste and budget.  Simple, fun recipes that you can follow to eat well.  Take the guess work out of eating well in 2018.  Carve out time to create food ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about the dreaded question at the end of a long day: What’s for dinner?!?!


How it works:

Answer a few questions via email about what kind of foods you like and don’t like, any allergies or dietary restrictions so that we can create the best menu for your taste and budget.  You will be sent a custom meal prep plan that includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can add on custom snacks or a custom grocery list.  Meal Prep can be done in a couple of hours to create your meals for the week.

The recipes will be simple and delicious using fresh and in season ingredients.  If you need support, you can email or fb message for help while prepping!  Meal plans will go out on Saturday when orders are placed before 9 am Saturday.  All orders are prepay.



$10 per week, can be paid weekly or monthly


add ons

$3 for snacks for week

$3 for custom grocery list


Payment options:

PayPal to Bri@whatBriscooking.com

Venmo to Bri@whatBriscooking.com

Please email for additional payment options and any questions!  Bri@whatbriscooking.com


First 5 people to pay for a month of meal plans get their first week free!  Eat your way to a healthier you, while saving money and time by planning ahead!  Who’s in?!


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