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Primavista Food Review

Primavista Food Review

So I asked for recommendations on FB for the most romantic restaurant in Cinci and the Primavista was suggested a couple of times.   I have been to this restaurant many many many years ago and all I remember was the view.  Not the food, so I was willing to try it again.  The view is to die for.  That hasn’t changed.  We were excited about being out without our kids and having a quiet night to share a meal.  This place was crazy loud.  Towards the end of the meal, it emptied out a bit and I felt like we didn’t need to elevate our voices to hear each other.  It wasn’t exactly romantic to have to yell at each other.  Also, our table faced another table, so instead of being across from each other, in order to see the view, we both faced another table.  SUPER distracting.  I was tempted to ask for a different table, but the place was packed, so I didn’t.  I regret not asking to move.

The food leaves A LOT to be desired.  I should stress that  the purpose of my blog is to help you find great places to eat at.  It pains me to tell you about our experience.   We ordered drinks and skipped salads.  I was excited about eating here because I thought this was the type of authentic Italian restaurant that would make their own pasta.  Nope.  I asked the waitress about it and she said no, but it was fresh.  When our food came out we were not impressed.  The presentation was nice.  He ordered the chicken pasta, it was similar to an Alfredo (not pictured), it was bland and very salty.  My salmon had a nice crust to it, but it was way under cooked.  If the waitress hadn’t asked, I would not have minded, but I had asked for it to be cooked through.  I ate around the part I didn’t want, but I didn’t return it, because I had already eaten several bites (and I only return food if it is completely inedible).   They had cooked the gnocchi in too much oil and prosciutto, making it heavy and salty.  I feel like they must be moving too fast to taste the food because it wasn’t bad, just not great.  Yet, when you’re charging folks over $100 for dinner, you need to take your time and make good food.  Otherwise, they won’t come back.

I ended the meal with creme brulee.  That was by far the best part of the meal.  It had a great consistency and was finished with a nice crunch on top.  I feel like if you want to check this place out, skip dinner, order desert and enjoy the view!

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