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Thanksgiving Recap!

Lessons Learned from Thanksgiving 2018!

This thanksgiving went so easy for me.  Maybe its because I’m going on 10 years of hosting, or because I was so well organized OR I didn’t have to go grocery shopping at the last minute!  I prepped early and planned out when every dish needed to get finished.  What really helped was that I smoked the turkey on the day before thanksgiving.  I typically go into work on that Wed, but I decided to work from home.  I was more relaxed because I had an extra day.  I relaxed with my Jellies in the morning, smoked the turkey breast, worked while my babies napped, then my girlfriend came over and chatted it up with me while I baked the mini pies.  I ordered last minute supplies through shipt and this was also a big plus!  I typically do a store run over the weekend, then a last minute trip on Wed.  That trip is always so stressful because everyone is at the store.  It was overall a really great day.

On thanksgiving day, I didn’t have the stress of the turkey hanging over me, so I just cooked the last of the sides and even had time to bake fresh rolls.  My mom ordered some from Golden Coral, so I only made one batch.  They were to die for!  My husband took the girls to see his family and it was nice to not have them underfoot for a bit, but I wish I could have gone to visit too.  I have no idea how to plan a day of cooking with a 2 hour break right before dinner to visit family, maybe next year I’ll get even more efficient, lol!   I finished up around 5ish, dinner was supposed to start at 6, but of course my family was showing up closer to 7.

Here’s what we ate:  (not pictured, macaroni and cheese and yams how could I forget to take a picture of these???)

Dressing, by far my favorite side.  I use my Granny’s recipe.  Its delicious!

Smoked Turkey Breast, next year, I’ll smoke an entire turkey or two.  We were fighting over the leftovers, lol

Gravy, we can never have enough!!!

My Mom insisted on bringing over green beans, I’m glad she did, Alanna loved them!

Will’s Mom Made greens

Homemade Yeast Rolls!

Mini Sweet Potato Pies, Crust to filling ratio is perfect!!!  Huge thank you to my mom for the little leaf cookie cutters, they were perfect!

There is a huge debate at our house.  I love homemade cranberry sauce, but my husband and sister insist on the canned crap.

As usual, we had way too many desserts.  I made mini sweet potato pies, my Mom made pineapple upside down cake, a cheese cake and banana pudding, and my brother made two apple pies.

Table decorations turned out beautiful.  I added Chargers this year, and they sparked a conversation about what the heck a charger was, lol


This is my next day leftovers plate, I forgot to get a photo of my plate on Thanksgiving

The family after eating good!

Saw this as I was adding the leaves to my table, my antique table was made in 1986!

I made chicken broth on the Saturday before.   I froze it and un-thawed on the day before the Thanksgiving.  Took about 5 hours and made my house smell amazing!

The Jellybeans helping with Thanksgiving prep


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