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The Ultimate She-Shed Renovation

I Took the one part of my house that I hated and rebuilt it into an outdoor oasis! I typically oversee construction, so it was whole new ballgame to do everything myself. It felt so good to do the demo. I was able to release a ton of stress slinging that sledge hammer.

I have designed homes and worked on habitat homes for many years, but I do not have a ton of time to work on my own house. We have been in our house 5 years and this is the first large project I have taken on. It took me much longer than intended because of weather but it turned out beautiful! Every time I relax in that space I know it was all worth it. I live for creating transcendent spaces!!!

The hideous before… This is the one part of my home I hated! Which led me to try to think of something to do about it. Last year I decided to renovate it. Then my dad Filled it with some random crap that he never returned for. So I put my idea on hold.

I haven’t been cooking much lately: Hard at work on a fun project at my house! Halfway there, feels good to break things and put them back together to transform a space.
Installing the screentight tracks
These screens were more than a notion!
Looking good, the finish line is close!
Last screen left!
Sprayed away all the spiders, lol
My Jellybeans were watching me, and wanting to hammer themselves!
The finished space!
Lit up at night. The perfect spot to wind down every night

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