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Fox 19 News Cooking Demo!

I was on Fox 19 showing Cincinnati how to make an Oreogasm this morning!   It was a crazy fun experience.  I love talking about food and its always fun to have other people help out making a dish.  Two seconds before we went on, Rob Williams shared that he hated brownies.  Uh oh!  Thankfully this amazing recipe won him over.  Unlike regular brownies, the cookies in the middle harden when you bake them, so it comes out less chewy.  He and Kara loved them and I was SO relieved!

Live TV demos are so unpredictable, I typically practice and think about what I might say, but when the cameras come on it usually all goes out the window and I wing it!

If you’re looking for the recipe, here it is

Oreogasm Brownie Recipe




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