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Maggiano’s Food Review

So it has been years since I’ve been to this restaurant, but I had a gift certificate that I needed to use. My family is huge now, My brother has three kids, I have two, so we were a party of 9. We busted in their quiet room, and I knew they’d never be the same.

Turns out they have a pretty awesome kids menu. My girls loved the spaghetti. It had me realizing I am probably making mine too spicy. Theirs was a very simple spaghetti sauce and the girls loved it. Julz is very picky, and she loved it. Take a look at a gif of them eating it, pure comedy, lol!

I ordered the Fried mozzarella and a glass of prosecco to start. Both were good. The fried mozzarella was very rich. I’d suggest sharing, and taking bites of bread. It was sinfully good though, and I’d certainly order it again.
My entree was the Orecchiette Chicken Pesto, which was unlike anything I’d had before. IT was cooked well, and I really liked the sauce. The sun-dried tomatoes added a great layer of flavor, as well as the broccoli. The chicken kind of got lost though. I think a pan seared or crusted chicken would have complimented the dish more. I’m going to try to recreate this dish, because it was really delicious.

I finished off my meal with Creme Brulee, my favorite dish! I loved how their’s is served in a large bowl for maximum crust on top. My Mom had brought a red velvet cake for my birthday, but I certainly swiped a few bites of creme brulee, and took the rest home! I also had a ton of leftovers, between my food and the girls. I also got a take home baked ziti. For the price you really can’t beat all the food you get!

Overall, a great dinner. My family brings the party wherever we go these days, so I’m sure they had no idea we were about to turn up on a Tuesday night, lololol! Great experience, we’ll definitely be back!

Fried Mozzerella
Orecchiette Chicken Pesto
Creme Brulee
It was my birthday, so we lit a candle for 37 trips around the sun!

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