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Slow cooker pulled chicken recipe

Slow cooker pulled chicken recipe.

This has been THE busiest week!  I knew it going in, so I planned for a couple easy crockpot meals.  One was for pulled chicken.  I kept is so simple this time and it was great to fix it and forget it.  I didn’t even buy freaking buns, lol!  I course chopped half a head of cabbage and whipped up a simple coleslaw with mayo a dash of mustard, salt and pepper and dinner was served!


1 lb chicken thighs

1 bottle of your fav bbq sauce – I used sweet baby rays

onion & garlic powder



Season chicken & dump into crock pot.  Cover with bbq & cook on low for 7-8 hours.  Shred chicken pair with cole slaw or eat on regular bread like a gangsta.




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