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Social OTR Grand Opening

Social O.T.R. will open its doors to the public on Thursday, February 7. The non-profit restaurant, operated by The Corporation for Findlay Market, in partnership with CityLink Center, will be a one-of-a-kind communal dining experience with a socially-minded mission.

Located at 1819 Elm Street, across from Findlay Market, Social O.T.R. is more than just a restaurant. The back of house will be fully staffed by students in CityLink Center’s Findlay Culinary Training Program, which is a skills-based program meant to develop the next generation of culinary talent for Cincinnati’s food service industry.

Students spend 4 weeks at CityLink, learning life skills – such as financial education, healthy communication, and conflict resolution – as well as culinary skills, which takes place in the Culinary Lab, taught by Director of Culinary Education, Chef Lindsey Cook. I teach Nutrition classes to the Students and it has been a joy to see the program get off the ground. Upon completion, students then enter a 3-month internship at Social O.T.R., where they will be led by Executive Chef, Jennifer Kemplin. Employment Specialist, Samantha Dewald, will work directly with students during their time at Social O.T.R. to have industry jobs lined up once they complete the program.

Dining Room


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