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The Art of the Chalice

I’d like to invite you to join Stella Artois as we celebrate the unique art, culture and cuisine of Cincinnati with the unveiling of local artist Natalie Lanese’s “The Art of the Chalice” mural on Thursday, July 13, from 7:00-10:00PM. 

About “The Art of the Chalice” Event:

·         The event will be built around an installation of Natalie’s original mural at Smale Riverfront Park, which was inspired by the vibrant city of Cincinnati and the iconic Stella Artois Chalice – the mural will also be on display for the community to enjoy following the event.

·         Stella Artois has also teamed up with local artisans to help celebrate the city including Chef Jason Greenman, premier glass artists from Neusole Glassworks, and pop-folk band Young Heirlooms. In addition, beer expert and Master Cicerone® Max Bakker (one of only 13 Master Cicerones® in the world!) will be at the event to educate guests about the Stella Artois Chalice and the brand’s signature Nine Step Pouring Ritual.

·         More information can be found at The Art of the Chalice: Cincinnati Facebook Page


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