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Beans & Rice Week is back at Crossroads!

Beans & Rice Week is back at Crossroads!

Starting March 7th at my church we have this annual fast where we eat cheaply for a week and then donate the money we would have spent to 4 organizations (descriptions below).  You can just eat just beans & rice, or maybe eat beans and rice one meal a day, or maybe commit to only eating the food you already have in your home.  However you can eat cheaply that works best for your family.  This year, we’re drinking cheaply and only drinking water!!!  Its never easy, but it is rewarding to know you are sacrificing so someone else can get clean water!  To help you out, I’ve chosen some of my favorite red beans & rice recipes from over the years.  You can also click in the top left for the side bar and search “beans” for more recipes.

Are you brave enough?!  Then join us!

Red Beans & Rice Recipe

5 ingredient White Chicken chili recipe

Mexican Salad in a Jar

Black bean quinoa burger recipe.

Mexican chicken soup recipe

4 Organizations we are sacrificing for:

Water Wells for Nicaragua. We’ll invest and support our partner, Amigos for Christ, who is committed to making a positive impact on the standard of living in communities throughout Nicaragua.

Water for Flint, Michigan. Through the Flint Child Health & Development Fund, we’ll support short and long term needs of kids who have been exposed to lead.

Community and City Pools. Locally, we’ll help keep city and community pools open for the summer throughout Southwest Ohio, giving kids and families a community space to spend hot summer days.

Anti-Heroin Organizations. Heroin addiction is a growing problem throughout our region. We’ll continue to invest in local organizations who are on the front lines of the anti-heroin fight, like Teen Challenge KY, Prospect House and Heroin Hopeline.

For more info go to  Beans and Rice Week


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